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Red Council  -  Home to the Red Council gaming group.
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The purpose of The Red Council guild is to provide a fun, social environment for adult players to join together for quests, raids, crafting and exploring. You must be 21 years of age or older to join (occasional exceptions made for family members that like hanging out with old people).

Being a member of the guild means taking part in guild activities, grouping with other members and helping out when needed. That doesn't mean you can't solo, or spend time crafting by yourself, but we want to maintain a balance of group play and solo activities that will allow everyone to advance their characters and improve their skills.

We have players at all levels and encourage grouping with guild-mates of similar levels whenever possible. We won't power level you! This ensures that we all get to know each other and that players have a chance to practice team play skills early on so that they will be ready for instances and raids at higher levels. Please note that we are NOT a raiding guild, we do a balanced variety of activities including some raiding and we play a variety of games. If you are looking for an end game only raiding guild, this is not us.